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A patented material made by embedding fiber optics between layers of solid wood with a specially formulated adhesive. The fiber optics transmit light through the panels, which allows static and moving images to be displayed through the wood.


LUMINOSO has a completely closed surface (there are no holes) that can be finished with a solvent-based lacquer, oil, or a water-based stain to match the tone or finish of other design elements. LUMINOSO can be milled, cut and sanded.


The fiber optics allow natural or artificial light behind LUMINOSO to become visible on the other side. Blocking the light by using graphics (e.g., words, logos, shapes) behind LUMINOSO allows for the creation of customized effects.


Hotels, bars, casinos, restaurants, retail, office areas, theaters, spas, jets, yachts, automobiles, and residences. LUMINOSO is used in walls, doors, ceilings, floors, stairs, furniture, lighting fixtures, signage, stereo equipment, and product casing.


Wood Species

We offer a range of seven different wood species...


Panel Sizes

Panels are custom made from the following sizes...


Finish Choices

We offer the following choices of finishes upon request...



We offer matching panels without fiber optics....



Static Effect

This effect is achieved by blocking the source of illumination with the shape of the image, graphic or logo to be shown on the other side of LUMINOSO.

Moving Effect

This effect is achieved by placing an LCD display or projector behind LUMINOSO that plays the animation shown on the other side of LUMINOSO.

Shadow Effect

The shadow effect is achieved when an object is placed or a person moves between the source of illumination and the back of LUMINOSO.


RedDot Design Award
RedDot Design


The jury for the Red Dot Design Award in 2009 chose LUMINOSO out of 3,231 applicants to receive the Red Dot Design Award in the category of Product Design.

Designpreis Deutschland


LUMINOSO was a nominee for the 2010 German Design Award, an internationally recognized competition that enhances the standing of designers and companies.

Mixology Award


LUMINOSO was awarded Best Material of the Year at the Mixology 11 Award Ceremony in London. The Mixology Awards are judged by an independent committee of top architects and designers.

Gold iF Material Award
Gold iF Material


Winner of the Gold iF Material Award in 2011. Since 1953, the iF design awards, awarded by international experts, have been a worldwide reliable indicator of outstanding quality in design.


LUMINOSO is not suited for outdoor use. LUMINOSO is intended for use in environments with relative humidity levels that are between 45% – 65%.

The estimated ship date is generally 8-10 weeks (not including local holidays) after an order has been placed. This lead time may increase or decrease due to the quantity of an order or our current order volume.

Yes, LUMINOSO is fire rated as class D (flammability), class s2 (smoke emission), and class d2 (burning droplets) using the single burning item test EN 13823 and the ignitability test EN ISO 11925-2.

Yes, LUMINOSO is considered to be a green product. LUMINOSO is made of three components: wood, glue and fiber optics. The vast majority of LUMINOSO is made from solid wood. The glue used to adhere the wood and fiber optics is free from formaldehyde and PCP. The fiber optics, made of PMMA, constitute the smallest portion of the product.

There are several illumination options for LUMINOSO. The option that is right for your application will depend on the type of effect you wish to achieve, the construction depth possible, and the ambient lighting conditions. The amount of light in a room from windows or artificial lighting will impact the effect of LUMINOSO. The less light in the room, the greater the effect of LUMINOSO. Please contact us to discuss your project and we will be happy to provide you with lighting options.

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