Finish Choices

We offer the following choices of finishes upon request:

LUMINOSO can be finished with a solvent-based lacquer, oil, or a solvent-based stain to match the tone or finish of other design elements.

Our recommended finish for all wood types (except wenge) is an oil/lacquer combination finish. For wenge, we recommend a matte lacquer finish.

If panels are ordered with a finish, we use FEYCO products from Switzerland "FEYCO Parkett Oel-Polish" (wood floor oil) and "FEYCO Alpocryl LE" (solvent-based lacquer) We recommend maintaining the panels with the same finish in the future. The finishing products can be purchased from us or a FEYCO dealer directly to ensure that the oil or lacquer used will react well to the existing finish, since we cannot guarantee how different products will react with the base layer of oil or lacquer.

If the panels are to be finished after delivery, they should be dusted off well prior to applying any finish. If panels are not dusted before a finish is applied, fiber optics can be obscured by the dust under the finish. Any application of oil, lacquer or wax should be done evenly and thinly. If the application of oil, lacquer, wax or stain is applied too heavily or inconsistently, the fibers could be blocked or partially blocked, which would diminish or, in some instances, block the transmission of light through the panels. Make sure any applied finish dries completely before handling the panels.

If stain is used, some inconsistencies are to be expected. White stain is advised against due to the high pigment content in the stain.

Please note that if the panels require any sanding, it must be 180 or a finer grain. However, for wenge and teak, 150 to 180 grain is advised. Always sand in the direction of the grain of the wood.