Static Effect

Static Effect

Static effects can be achieved by blocking the light source with the shape of the image, graphic or logo to be shown on the other side of LUMINOSO. This is done with an effect film.

Any image, graphic or logo can be printed onto a film that is light-proof for the unilluminated portions of the design and translucent where the image should be visible from the other side.

Black-out effect films can be applied to acrylic sheets that are mounted behind LUMINOSO or to the wood directly. However, we recommend applying the graphics to acrylic panels, which allows the entire design and look of an installation to be easily changed.

Effect films can also be printed in black and translucent color, depending on whether a color effect is desired. There is no real restriction on the images that can be used, but the larger and less detailed the image, graphics or logo, the better the effect.

The color temperature coming through the panel will be the color temperature of the light source behind it, which can be cool or warm white, or color. Depending on the construction depth, you may chose between a high output LED light sheet or LED tile system.

Examples of static effects can be seen below.

Static EffectStatic EffectStatic EffectStatic EffectStatic EffectStatic EffectStatic Effect


As with any solid wood panels, warping will likely occur when one side of LUMINOSO is exposed to different levels of humidity and temperature than the other side. A temperature differential can be created by heat from direct sunlight, or lighting sources placed behind LUMINOSO (we ONLY recommend the use of LED lighting). Therefore, adequate ventilation is required to dissipate the heat. Additional fans behind LUMINOSO may also be necessary, depending on the application. However, even with additional ventilation, some warping may still occur.