Moving Effect

There are three main ways to achieve movement effects through LUMINOSO.

LED Light Sheet with Phasing Controllers
This allows each light sheet to fade in and out sequentially to create the illusion of movement.

LED Scrolling Signs
This is a cost effective way to scroll messages behind LUMINOSO that can be easily changed.

LED Tiles with LEDs Independently Controlled
These special tiles can display graphics by independently controlling each LED with dedicated software. Tiles can be combined to cover bigger surfaces. The resolution of the movement is not as precise as an LCD screen, but the LED tiles are much brighter and less costly than LCD screens.


As with any solid wood panels, warping will likely occur when one side of LUMINOSO is exposed to different levels of humidity and temperature than the other side. A temperature differential can be created by heat from lighting sources placed behind LUMINOSO (we ONLY recommend the use of LED lighting). Therefore, adequate ventilation is required to dissipate the heat. Additional fans behind LUMINOSO may also be necessary, depending on the application. However, even with additional ventilation, some warping may still occur.

Generally, the bigger the shapes being animated, the better resolution is displayed through LUMINOSO.